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C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic epub

C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic. Hayagriva Rao, Valluru B. Rao

C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic

ISBN: 1558515526,9781558515529 | 595 pages | 15 Mb

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C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Hayagriva Rao, Valluru B. Rao
Publisher: M & T Books

Discusses Chaos, Fractals, Cellular Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic with C++, Java, Symbolic C++ and Reduce Programs. The book's title is `C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic` so one may expect to find some well-thought and proven design ideas on how to implement NN and FL in C++ as well as a decent C++ library. In fact, both were built in SQL (many, many pages of SQL with equations built from SPSS or SAS), then turned into C# or C++ or some other web based code (I don't believe we ever used Java). The strategies used for autonomous navigation and Autopilots are based on one of these four principles: PID, fuzzy logic, neural networks, H-infinity loop. Provides all the techniques and methods used in nonlinear dynamics. Rao (Author), Hayagriva Rao (Author) و هذه صو. Also, it has been my experience, However, in both cases, I built algorithms that mimicked more of the Fuzzy Logic definition than the Neural Network. Autopilots are used to be based in PID strategies. UNIT-V Evolutionary Algorithms: Suggestions for Assignments: Implementation of algorithms in 'C/C++/MATLAB'. السلام عليكم و جزاكم الله خيرا لو امكن توفير هذا الكتاب C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic by Valluru B. A comprehensive presentation of methodology for the design and synthesis of an intelligent complex robotic system, connecting formal tools from discrete system theory, artificial intelligence, neural network, and fuzzy logic. Fuzzy Logic Systems: Basics of Fuzzy Logic Theory, Crisp and Fuzzy Sets, Basic Set Operations, Fuzzy Relations, Composition of Fuzzy Relations, Fuzzy Inference, Zadeh's Compositional Rule of Inference, Defuzzification, Mathematical Similarities between Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Models, Fuzzy Additive Models. In most cases, the added accuracy of a Neural Network or Fuzzy Logic may not justify the cost. Introduction to computer programming – Variables declaration and scope – type definition – Flow of control – Arrays – Functions – Pointers – Structures – Input and Output in C – Binary system – Computer Arithmetic - Logic gates – Basics of of expert systems - Basic concepts of fuzzy set theory; fuzzy decision making; Basic concepts of neural networks – Hybrid intelligent systems – Basic concepts of genetic algorithms: evolutionary algorithms, evaluation, optimization problems.

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